Love What You Brew

Valentine’s Day coffeegrams to show your love and support a worthy cause.

Candies are nice. Flowers are fine. But if you really want to impress your loved ones and Valentine, give the gift of fresh roasted coffee. For a limited time, we’re offering this set of five small coffeegrams, each with 2oz of fresh beans and a special Valentine’s Day message.

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Spend Your Starbucks at Tonx

Announcing the Tonx Better Coffee Exchange.

One company is practically synonymous with coffee in America. Their stores are so ubiquitous, they’ve become the most reliable bathroom option for the residents of NYC. This company has done more to popularize coffee than any other: Starbucks. We are greatly indebted to them.

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Celebrate the #Tonxidays with Us

Share your photos and videos, win weekly prizes, all this month.

December is a month of celebrations, so we’re adding our own. Each week this month, we’ll announce a vaguely holiday-related theme. All you have to do is upload a photo or video on the theme and tag it with “#tonxidays” to enter. One winner per week will receive fabulous prizes!

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Happy Tonxidays! Post photos/videos and win prizes, all of December.

Each week, we’ll announce a theme. Upload a photo or video based on the theme and tag it with “#tonxidays”. Our favorite will receive a fabulous prize.

This week’s theme is *UGLY SWEATERS* – the winner will receive a Tonx hoodie. Good luck!

Foolproof Holiday Brewing

A helpful guide to making coffee without losing your mind.

When I became a barista, there was a universal understanding in my family that, from here on out, I would always provide the holiday coffee. It was a role I cooly accepted, but I soon realized I had no idea what I was doing. It turns out that making coffee for hundreds of people a day doesn’t really translate into making coffee for a couple dozen of my closest friends and family. I tried a few different approaches…

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The Secret of the Blend

A peek inside the mind of a roaster at work.

A decade ago, I thought “blending” was the art of sourcing enough green coffee to last a few months, while leaving wiggle room to roast the coffees that were getting a little long in the tooth. Of course, back then I also thought that a “trip to origin” meant partying until the sun came up or the rum ran out.

Now a trip to origin doesn’t just mean a travel party, it’s real work.

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